If your husband turns out to be not the ideal person that you dreamed about, you must still respect him. Why? Because you respect Hashem Who chose him for you (Gemorah, Sota 2a).

But don't think that Hashem gave you a challenge. Don't think that Hashem gave you a rotten husband. No! Hashem gave you a perfect husband. A perfect husband...for you!

Hashem knows the ability of your husband; what he can and cannot do. He knows your abilities too and decided that you and him are a match - literally made in Heaven.

Accept your husband because he has been chosen by Hashem. You are one neshama split into two. Know that Hashem doesn’t always cut the pie evenly. Perhaps you are greater in many areas, but the jigsaw pieces always fit somewhere.

Once you accept him as your life partner,then (and only then) can you try to develop his potential. If you do it this way, and he feels that you are with him - not trying to mould him - then you will see him truly start to blossom.


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