Let’s be honest – changing diapers and going clothes shopping with a teenager doesn’t quite inspire is in the same way as hearing a dynamic shiur or davenning an intense “Shema Koleinu”.  So much related to child raising seems physical and monotonous and we can often feel that if only we could have some time devoted to introspection, more ‘space’ on Shabbos and quiet moments in the day to speak and connect to HaShem’ we could be far greater individuals.

If only…

Moshe Rabbeinu had similar, elevated aspirations.  He too had plans to separate himself from the physical world as much as humanly possible and immerse himself in Kedusha.

If only…

HaShem had other plans for Moshe Rabbeinu.  He was chosen to lead Klal Yisrael with all the physicality and impurity this would include, and abandon his desire for transcendence, entirely.  Moshe consented to the Command, understanding that only through this mundane, material position he could become truly great. 

And so he did…

With a constant awareness and reflection of the various actions that make up our lives as parents we can realize that it is exactly through what we do that makes us achieve the ultimate greatness.

(Indeed a parent must find time to spiritually nourish himself or he will not have what to transmit).

And so we can too…

More powerful than an inspirational Shabbos table is sometimes wiping the spill silently.  More impressive than a chavrusa in Shemiras Halashon could be a heart-to-heart with a child where we are controlling what comes out of our mouth.  More effective than going to the unmissable shiur next door may be putting each child to bed calmly, patiently and lovingly.


Certainly, saying Tehillim at the Kosel for an hour sounds spiritually ideal, but with our children, working on our middos whilst multi-tasking in the physical world will build us into truly great Ovdei HaShem.

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