It is possible for us to keep the Mitzvos, wear all the right clothes, have all the right Gedolim pictures up, and say all the right Yiddishe words and our children may still not realize the greatness of HaShem.

We want our children to realize the awe-inspiring nature of HaShem, to feel His love, and protection constantly, to know that every single detail in their lives are Hashgacha Pratis and to be positively inspired Jews.

In order to achieve this goal, we need to show them where they have come from, discuss HaKadosh Baruch Hu explicitly and specify the role He plays in our lives.  We must point out the Yad HaShem in all our daily experiences with a deep love.  Then they will have clear visions of greatness. 

There was once a rebellious prince who ran away from the palace and after numerous failed attempts to persuade him to return, a great Tzaddik suggested bringing a powerful telescope to his new abode, showing him his royal bedroom with all its splendor and finery.  Upon seeing this, he immediately resolved to reunite with the greatness from which he originated.


We have been created by the Melech Malchei Hamelochim.  We come from His ‘Palace’ with all its dignitaries and royalties.  We must envision our roots and transmit these images to our princes and princesses.  Yes, our external demonstrations of Avodas HaShem are important, but the internal awareness of Him and exuberance in our relationship must be present if we want our children to live life hand in hand with His Highness.   

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