If you are an idealistic person you probably think that the title means that your child can be fabulous at Pesach cleaning.  If you are a conscientious parent, the title may imply that you must be careful what you say near your children because they absorb and retain everything!  So which does it mean?  The good news is both!

Pesach can be potentially stressful but it does not have to be.  We will be creating an exemplary atmosphere in our home when we speak about Pesach in positive terms.  (Incidentally did you ever hear two women discussing Pesach preparations?  I have never seen anybody smile in this conversation unless in an expression of surprise)! Rather than complaining about cleaning of dreading a three day Yom Tov, parents and children could be working together in an energetic hustle and bustle, valuing the accomplishment of hard work and anticipating an exciting and memorable Seder Night.

We are role models of stress management to our children.  One day we hope that they too will make Pesach.  What example are we setting and what message are we giving over about how to make Yom Tov?  The Yetzer Horah tries to convince us that our jobs are never ending and that we may not feel one ounce of panic or fluster.  It is more realistic for us to focus on one task at a time and to strive to be as positive as possible.

It’s not about updating the pile for mending, dry cleaning or seasonal clothing.  It’s not about organizing the spare room.  It’s not even about making the fancy recipes.  It’s about enabling our children to absorb true Simcha shel Mitzva from what we do and how we include them – then we can be delighted knowing that a child is like a sponge.




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