V'zos Habracha

Life and death

We are told (34:5) that Moshe had a particularly easy and painless death. Rav Dessler used to bring out of two gemarras that the easiness of death depends on how one has lived their life. If one has lived a spiritually bereft, materialistic life, then one has pulled their spiritual…

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2 final accolades of Moshe Rabeinu

1) Man of God The opening of our sedra describes Moshe Rabeinu as an ish elokim, a ‘godly man.’ The Ibn Ezra explains this to refer to Moshe’s superior and unsurpassable level of prophecy. As the Rambam details, Moshe could receive direct, clear prophecy whenever he wanted, with all his…

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Blessing on the Torah




Our sedra sees the biblical source for making a bracha on the Torah (32;3 - 'when I call out the name of HaShem ascribe greatness to our G-D') - gemarra brachos 21a. Therefore, it seems like making a bracha on the Torah is a mitzvh from the…

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