Rosh Hashana

Actions speak just as loud as blasts

When Rosh Hashanah falls on Shabbos, Chazal forbade the blowing of the shofar, lest we desecrate Shabbos by carrying the Shofar to Shul. However, the gemarra tells us that any year which does not witness the blowing of a shofar at its beginning (I.e. on Rosh Hashanah) has an element…

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Rosh Hashanah; a day out?

Rosh Hashanah is the day of judgment, and as such one would expect it to be the final day of the year - this way we can be judged for what we have done over the past year. However, as its name suggests, this is not so. Rosh Hashanah is…

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the simanim - what are they good for?

On Rosh Hashanah we start the meal with various simanim and their accompanying brachos and texts. For example, we eat a pomegranate and ask that our merits should be as numerous as pomegranate seeds, and we eat apply with honey so that we should have a sweet new year, etc.…

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Complete Teshuva

Rosh Hashana, the time where Hashem calls upon us to communally do Teshuva! This Rosh Hashana we can all do complete Teshuva!! But how do we do complete Teshuva??

There are three steps to complete Teshuva;
1. Confession
2. Regret
3. Resolution to change

Lets look at it step by…

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