[For those who never heard about the genius Rav Michael Dov Weissmandel, who pioneered in equai-distant intervals in the Torah]: The first posuk in this sidra is totally astonishing. How do you start a new chumash with "and he called to Moshe" and afterward explain that "he" is HaShem! "And Hashem called to Moshe" is the standard way to begin a verse, and certainly at the start of a new sefer!
However, by doing it this strange way, the chumash opened with a beautiful code for us [Rav MDW] to discover. Beginning with the YUD [second letter in this chumash] and checking every ninth letter after ward [this is an 8-letter interval] the holiest name of Hashem is spelled out. This would not have happened in the standard way of beginning a verse.
from volume 3 of "Great Torah Lights' by R. Yitzchak Meir Goodman, of Far Rockaway

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