"He (priest) shall split it-with its feathers- he need not sever it.................................................." (Vayikra 1:17)

When a person feels inclined to give an offering to G-d,he may do so with the "Olah" sacrifice. If the person is poor, he may bring a dove as a sacrifice. This dove was offered on the alter with its feathers........Rashi comments that eventhough the smell of burning feathers is offensive,this poor mans sacrifice still adorns the alter and is accepted by G-d...........(please refer to Rashi) We can ,Bezrat Hashem, learn a very unique and uplifting lesson from this poor mans dove "olah" sacrifice as follows:
Every person feels some doubt at times in regard to their spiritual growth.......Some people might feel that they are somewhat unable to reach great spiritual heights as compared to the many great sages and Rabbis..... ..This whole notion is a fallacy when we begin to see how precious burning feathers are when offered by a poor man.....Even burning feathers when offered with sincerity can be accepted by G-d..............When a person has nothing to offer G-d except for 'feathers', then thats precisely what should be offered.................For example, if a man deems himself unwise, he should still learn Torah and offer G-d what he can even if perhapes his Torah learning isnt as grand as his fellow friends. Even if your Torah might be "burning feathers",offer it any how for the mere sake of giving whatever you have to G-d.................I would like to offer an original Moshal (parable) ,Bezrat Hashem, to perhapes better explain this concept , as follows: A king once decreed that who ever brings him the most precious item available, that person will be granted a great title and prestige in the kingdom. Many people brought various magnificent and precious objects, yet the king seemed unimpressed for he already posessed many great treasures.........However, in this kingdom lived a very poor man who also wished to particpate in this contest.

Although he had nothing of value, he did have a single penny. This penny was very dirty and dull in appearence, so this poor fellow decided to shine it and clean it untill its hidden lustre emerges beneath the grime.

He spent many hours shining the penny untill a magnificent shine emerged that literally lit up the room. This poor man traveled to the capital in order to gain an audience with the king so that he can present his item to the king. When the poor man presented the penny to the king, its shine was so magnificent that at first the king had mistakenly mistook the penny for a very precious gem with illuminating qualities,but after further observation it became apparent that this gem was actually just a very shiney penny.

The king then trully understood the the real value of this poor mans "most precious Item"...........

We must never underestimate what we personally have to offer, as long as its given with sincerity and heart......In Barachos 5b the Sages said, "Its the same whether one does more or less, provided he intends it for the sake of Heaven".Have a good Shabbos............

This parsha sheet is being dedicatedto my beloved father , Nachman Shimon ben Yehuda Meir Hakohan ,Z"l.

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