This week's Parsha has something very interesting in the 5th letter!!! The Word Vayikra (and He (Hashem) called...) spelt in Hebrew ויקרא has a small Aleph. The obvious question is why?? Why did the word Vayikra have a small aleph and more to the point why ws it specifically the word Vayikra that had a small Aleph!!

I will answer both questions in one!! The Ba'al Haturim says that when Moshe was writing down what Hashem was dictating to him, wehn he came up to this possuk he realised that he may be remembered as a Ba'al Ga'ava. Moshe then went on to write a small Aleph at the end of the word Vayikra. The Ba'al Haturim says that the reason was that Moshe wasn't going to write the Aleph at all leaving the word Vayaker! The Word Vayaker means "and it happened" which gave the sense that it was a chance meeting between Hashem and Moshe! However Hashem made Moshe write the Aleph and so he used a small aleph!!

We see from here that Moshe Rabbeinu Was an extremely Humble, He tried to go against the wishes of Hashem and leave the aleph off the end of the word that means "And (G-d) spoke to Him", to try and make it and "It happened" as if it was a one off occurence!!

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