Three times in the sidra a verse begins with "Vayishchat - he slaughtered." The third one has a special note - a shalsheles. This note is used only three other times in chumash Breishis, for a total of 4 altogether.
__I suggested in my volume on Chumash that there is a real connection between them all. In each case an eternal CHAIN [translation of shalsheles] was about to be created.

__The first (Bereishis 19:16), Lot is hesitating about leaving S'dom. BUt he cannot stay for from him will come Ruth, from whom Dovid Hamelech must descend. The chain of Jewsih monarchy was at stake.
__The second (Bereishs 24:12), WEliezer is about to pray to Gd to bring him the proper wife for Yitzchak, At stake is the placement of our holy matriarch RIvkah on the list of our holy ancestors and the chain of Jewsih history.
__THe third (Bereishis 39:8) when Yosef resists Potiphar's wife, keeps him in the list of our twelve tribes, the great chain of our Jewsih heritage.

_ _In this week's sidra, the third slaughtering is of the EIL HAMILU'IM. This is the one that officially invest the kohanim with their eternal kedushah, and creates the chain of KEHUNAH forever.

_ _R. Yitzchak Meir Goodman ("Great Torah Lights")

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