The opening of parshas Tzav deals with the fires that were to be on the mizbeyach (altar). Regarding this subject, the gemarra (braisa, yoma 21b) brings an interesting point... The mitzvah is that there should be a constant fire on the mizbeyach, and HaShem actually made the fire. But why are we commanded to do anything to make sure the fire is constant if HaShem anyway ignited a constant fire there? Because, quotes the gemarra, "even though fire came from the heavens, it's a mitzvah for us to bring fire too." One can learn two messages here: Firstly, we have the ability to have a parntership with HaShem, so to speak; where He brings His fire and we bring ours. But we can also learn that even if something is inevitable since HaShem will cause it, we must still do our bit and do whatever we can. A great example is the moshiach, which we know HaShem will bring sooner or later - but we must still play our role in trying to hasten his arrival. At least that's something to think about the next time you see something burning!

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