Right at the start of the sedra, HaShem tells Moshe to comand Aharon an his sons about the olah offering. Rashi notes that the word 'command' means doing things qucikly (zerizus) and doing them right away after hearing the command. Why is this so? The Kotzker Rav explains that there is a rule that one gets more reward for doing something that they were commanded to do than doing something that they were not commanded to do. This is because once one is commanded to do something, the yetzer hara naturally tries to pull one back and prevent the person from doing the mitzvah. Therefore, there is more struggle to fulfil and carry out something that they were commanded to do, and so more reward. he explains that this is why rashi says here that 'command' entails zerizus, for once the command was passed to Aharon, he would naturally have a yetzer hara to hold back from doing the command, and so he had to go and fulfil the command speedily with zerizus, not giving the yetzer hara an opening.

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