This Weeks Parsha - Tzav explains that there was a daily Mitzvah of Terumas HaDeshen, where the Kohanim took ashes off the Mizbeiach (from the previously burnt Korban Olah) and placed it on the east side of the Kevesh (the Ramp of the outside Mizbayach). Rabaynu Bachye, explains the reason for this Mitzvah. He says that Hashem was concerned that the Kohanim might become Ga'avedik - haughty while wearing the Bigdei Kehunah and doing the Avodah. They might have feelings of superiority over the rest of Klal Yisroel. He therefore gave them the Mitzvah of Terumas HaDeshen, a Mitzvah that could make one dirty in the process, a Mitzvah that could be looked at as a lowly job, in order to humble them in the process. In the same way we should humble our own Gaaver by remembering who we really are, we are part of Am Yisroel and whilst everyone one of us are different, there is noone better or worse then ourselves, while we may be Rabbonim, or Lawyers or mere dustbin men we should still realise that we get everything in this world from Hashem and not from our own doing!!

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