The pig is called the “Chazir” from the word “Chozer”, return. The Medrash Shochar Tov on Tehilim 146 tells us that in the future when the world becomes complete the pig will chew its cud and become a kosher animal. The Chasam Sofer explains that this is the reason why the parsha of kosher and unkosher animals is written immediately after the parsha of the Chanukas HaMishkan and the death of Nadav V’Avihu. That day was a very special day as Hashem rested his Shechina in this world. However it was marred by the incident with Nadav V’Avihu. Chazal tell us that had that day been perfect without Cheit the world would have reached its final completeness. If that would of happened the pig would have become kosher. Therefore right after the torah describes the failure of this historic day the torah tells us that because of this, the pig remained in its unkosher state. We see from here the importance of sin! In other places we are told that had there been no sin then that would have been completion of the world, had Adom and Chava not sinned they would have never died and brought death to the world. Maybe the sins we do even though are not so great in the grand scheme of things maybe, just maybe they are preventing moshiach coming!!

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