How is it that a great Tzaddik can commit even the slightest aveira? How can he be a great tzaddik if he sinned?? The Noam Elimelech answers that when a Tzaddik commits the slightest aveira it stems from the Cheit HaEigel. It is not really considered and aveira but the Tzaddik is on such a high Madreiga that in his own eyes he considers it a terrible aveira. The moment he feels this, he has tremendous regret and does Tshuva. The people who witness this humility are awed and they themselves reach for a higher madreiga. This is the meaning of the words of the Posuk (9:8) “VaYishchat Es Eigel HaChatos”, Aharon slaughtered his small aveira that came from the Eigel. “Asher Lo”, that was his, (meaning only he considered it and aveira.) "VaYakrivu Bnei Aharon Es HaDam Eilav”, when people see this, their own hearts break and they too spill their own blood for Hashem’s avodah. The whole purpose for a tzaddik to 'sin' is so that the people around can learn from Him and do tshuva in a similar way!!

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