As part of his purification process outlined at the start of parshas Metzora, the metzora is to bring two birds - see the psukim for what happened [with these birds] next. The Zohar comments that one of the birds is ‘for the lashon hara’ (that the metzora spoke) and the…

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Can you fix it?

A most perplexing Midrash features in Rashi 14:34. Commenting closely on the unusual wording of the pasuk, Rashi writes that HaShem promised us that when we go into the Land of Israel we will contract tzara’as on our houses. Why?

So that when we have to knock down our houses…

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Bad neighbours

In downtown perek 14 (pasuk 40), we are told that if bona fide tzara’as is found on a house, the affected stones must be removed and plonked outside of the city.

This poses problems when one lives in a detached house; what happens when your neighbour’s house has contracted tzara’as,…

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sins are to correct (short)

Rashi (14;34) brings a not-so-easy-to-comprehend medrash that says that HaShem guaranteed Bnei Yisrael that they would have to break down their houses (because of tzara'as of the house form) and would find treasure underneath it. Why are we getting a reward for the tzara'as which was caused by sin in…

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missed opportunities

In our sedra we read about the purification process of a metzora (‘leper’); someone who spoke lashon hara [or was stingy or stole; Torah Temimah metzora 143]. The metzora brings two birds as sacrifices when he becomes pure again; as related at the start of our sedra. The Zohar comments…

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The order

And the Kohen shall order that for the person undergoing purification (from Tzara’at) there be taken two live birds, a piece of cedar, some crimson wool and some hyssop. (VaYikra 14:4). Let’s compare the order in the above verse with the following verse describing the person undergoing purification from coming…

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Ch. 12, v. 3: "Uva'yom hashmini yimol" - At a circumcision we say, "K'sheim shenichnas livris kein yiko'neis l'Torah ulchupoh ulmaasim tovim." Just as the father was totally involved in bringing him into the covenant of Avrohom , "bris miloh," so too, his father should be involved…

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