The pasuk in our sedra says (20;8) 'You shall observe My decrees and perform them - I am HaShem Who sanctifies you.' What has the last part of the pasuk got to do with the first part? A nice insight has been offered into this pasuk. We have a rule that when you make the sincere effort to do a mitvzah and to work on yourself spiritually, HaShem helps you out. For example, chazal say 'if one sanctifies themselves a bit they sanctify him from Heaven a lot.' So too does HaShem say 'open for me the space of an eye of a needle and i will open for you an opening that wagons pass through.' This is the meaning of the pasuk here too. HaShem is telling us 'perform my mitzvos,' but I know that it is not so easy and there are obstacles and challenges, but 'I am HaShem who sanctifies you;' I will help you out here. Another answer given is that the mitzvos referred to here are that of chukim (the miztvos whose reasons we are not aware of), and HaShem is telling us that although you do not understand the reasons, do the mitzvos because I made you and make you holy when you do my commandments. Just like we follow instructions from the makers of an electrica l appliance (eg don't put it in the bath) even though we might not underdstand the reasons behind the instructions. So too we follow the instructions of our Maker even if we do not understand them, for we know they are for our best interests.

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