How does somebody become a better person how does it all begin? We see clearly in this week’s parsha what Hashem wants from everyman. The pasuk says (19:3) Every man shall revere his mother and his father and you shall observe My Sabbaths- I am Hashem your God. Rashi comments on these two commandments that were placed together in the same Pasuk to teach us if ones parents tell us to violate the Shabbos one should not listen to them. We will suggest another connection between the two commandments, in this pasuk it is as if Hashem is saying just like you need to honour, respect, serve your parents because they brought you into this world, so was I a partner in your birth. How can you show your honour and respect to me by keeping my Shabbos which is my sign to show I created the world, and since you are part of the world, your observance of the Shabbos will be a sign that I created you as well. I am part of your life and I am in it together with you.
There is a story I once heard of parents who wanted there son who was just completing his first year in Yeshiva to come home and study for a profession. The bochar wanted very much to stay. His parents went to the Rosh Yeshiva (I feel it was Reb Moshe) and asked him that their son come home, the father was a professor in maths he said, “ we want our son to go to University, you know its 1+1+1 in creation, Hashem is a partner in the birth and so are we which in mathematical terms would mean 2/1 therefore we win, Reb Moshe turned to the professor and said I can use your theory as follows within you and your wife and your son is the partner Hashem therefore Hashem WINS 3/1. The torah chose to specify that even if ones parents told him to violate the Shabbos he still forbidden to because ultimately they were made by parents who had Hashem as the third partner so its 3/1 again.

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