The 10 commandments are split up into two tablets of 5 commandments each. The first 5 are bein adam lemakom (between man and G-D) mitzvos, with the second 5 being bein adam lechaveiro (between man and man) mitzvos. Rav Shimshon Refael Hirsch notes that there is a major difference with the progressions in each side. In the 5 bein adam lemakom mitzvos, we start with miztvos which are based in the mind/heart (emunah in haShem), and steadily progress to mitzvos which call for action (shabbes, honouring parents). But, the bein adam lechaveiro miztvos go the reverse way - first come the 'action' mitzvos like do not kill, steal,and only afterwards do we arrive at the mitzvos which are based in thought, eg do not be jealous. He says based on this that there is a major difference between miztvos bein adam lemakom and bein adam lechaveiro. In a mitzvah bein adam lemakom, the first step is to work on their mind (eg to acquire emunah) and then to act by expressing this in doing mitzvos. But in bein adam lechaveiro one first goes out and does the active mitzvos and then will the good middos bein adam lechaveiro be ingrained into one's personality.

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