Rav said to R' Chiya: Through what deeds do women merit Olam haBo?? Through going to the trouble of bringing their children to the Bais Medrash to learn Torah. (Berachos 17a).

The Maharsha says that there is a Remez (allusion) to this in this week's parsha. The posuk says, "Ko Somar L'Bais Yaakov V'Sagaid L'Bnai Yisroel". Maharsha explains, "Ko Somar L'Bais Yaakov - So you shall say to the women (who are referred to as "Bais" Yaakov, because they are always found in their "homes" with their children), that they will merit eternal life through - "V'Sagaid L'Bnai Yisroel" - by telling the "Bnai" Yisroel, their children, to go to the Bais Medrash and learn Torah.

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