This weeks parsha sees the Jews coming to Har Sinai about to receive the Torah. The possuk says "vayichan shom yisroel neged hahar" Rashi comments saying that vayichan (they encamped) is in the singular (he encamped). Rashi asks, Why would the Torah say this doesn't it know that there was around 3,000,000 people there?? He answers saying K'ish Echad B'Lev Echad, They were like one man with one heart.

This is all happening just days before the most spiritual event in our history, we will SEE Hashem's voice in a matter of days. The Torah is making a point that at this most important moment in history not only were we 'K'ish Echad' as one man, but we were 'B'lev Echad'with one aim one goal' We were all totally focused on the matter at hand.

When we read the Torah this shabbos we should remember this event as well as Rashi's comment and look around at our friends and think am i k'ish echad b'lev echad with him???

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