In this weeks parsha we are given the 10 commandments. The events in this parsha more than most others is what makes us jews. The 10 commandments are made up of 5 bein adam l'makom (Man to Hashem), and 5 bein Adom l'Chavero (Man to man). If you look at your standard artisits perception of the 2 tablets, you see the 5 bein adom l'makom on the right hand side and 5 bein adom l'chavero on the left hand side.

When you look at the left hand side you see that all 5 are bein adom l'chavero, they are all on how man should treat his fellow man, do not murder, steal, etc. No argument there. However, there is something strange about the right hand side. They are supposed to be Bein adom l'Makom, Man to G-d, I am your G-d, Do not serve other G-ds... etc and the obvious one honour your father and your mother. What are your mother and father not fellow man??? Hmm good question you ask.

The truth is that in honouring our mothers and fathers we learn how to honour our Creater the Al-mighty. Looking at it this way we can understand why the 5th commandement is not only in the 5 included under bein adom l'Makom, but also why its reward is a long life! It is one of the most important of the Mitzvos we have, but it is that for so many reasons, it really is an umbrella term that can be used for most of the 613 mitvos, because by learning kibbud av v'em you learn how to be good to everybody and not only that but how to be good and serve Hashem in the right manner!

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