Is it just me or do women sometimes feel left out of many Jewish practices? "Why do i have to dance on this side of the mechitsa?" or "why can't i daven from the amud?" or "why can't i learn all day?" or even worse why do women think that they can be Rabbis??

This weeks sedra gives women plenty to be proud of. They actually were able to use their talents and helped build the mishkon!

The pasuk (35:25) says that all the talented women spun the wool for the Mishkan. The pasuk also points out that all the work for the Mishkan was done by Nidiv Lev, generous volunteers. The Chasam Sofer asks, since a woman's earnings belong to her husband (gemora kesubos)how can she volunteer her services if it doesn't belong to her?

He answers that the reason why Chazal decreed that a woman's earnings should go to her husband is because he supports her. In the Midbar where everyone lived from "Mannah" that fell from Shamayim, the men had no claim on the earnings of their wife. Therefore the women were free to use their talents for the task of building the Mishkan.

See women are useful!!! :)

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