After the plague of frogs, Pharaoh calls in Moshe and begs him to get HaShem to remove the frogs (wouldn't you if you could not make cholent because there was a frog in your crock pot?). Interestingly, Pharaoh asks that the frogs be removed 'tomorrow' (8:6). Why not now/today? Explains the Ibn Ezra that Pharaoh thought that a constallation thingy (!) had brought the plague of frogs, and perhaps the frogs were going to leave today anyway. So he asked Moshe to remove the frogs tomorrow, just in case the frogs would up and go today so Pharaoh could

prove Moshe wrong.

Here we see the extent of stubborness. Pharaoh has already experienced the plague of blood. He has now seen frogs, and Moshe had warned him that these frog would come. Yet Pharoah still wants to cling on to the security of believing that there is no Power above him -

so he creates his own reality; one in which 'a star sign created the plague' - despite all indications to the contrary.

Let's not be blinded by our own egos and predeterminations.

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