Vata'al ha'tz'fardaya vat'chas es Eretz Mitzraim (8:2)" - "And the frog arose and covered the land of Mitzraim." Why is tz'fardaya (frog) written in the singular? Rashi quotes from the Medrash that the plague began with one large frog. Whenever the Mitzrim hit it, streams of frogs came pouring out of it. Ultimately, so many frogs came out that the whole land of Mitzraim was covered.

The Holy Steipler Gaon asks the very obvious question. Once the Mitzrim saw that each hit brought forth more frogs, why didn't they stop hitting it?

The Steipler explains, they became furious when they saw the large frog spewing more frogs... They couldn't control their anger and frustration... They hit it again... It spewed more frogs... They got even angrier... They hit it again... It spewed more... And again... "Va't'chas es Eretz Mitzraim" - The whole land of Mitzraim was covered with frogs.

When we're angry, we act in a counterproductive and self-destructive manner. If someone acts aggressively toward us our automatic response is to respond with anger. Stop! Think. If we stay silent, the other person would gradually cool down. Our angry response will simply fuel the fire further. Counterproductive. Self-destructive.

Think. Plan out the proper response - if any. Act on impulse - va't'chas es Eretz Mitzraim and the whole land will be covered with frogs.



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