‘…you shall stand opposite him at the river’s bank, and the staff that was turned into a snake you shall take in your hand’ (Shemot 7:15).

Q: why did Hashem have to specify that Moshe should take the staff ‘that was turned into a snake’! Obviously!, he only had 1 staff!

A I heard from Simon Taylor (who read it on www.torah.org) the following explanation: when Aharon turned it into a snake, Pharoah’s necromancers just did the same thing, belittling the miracle. By emphasising that Moshe was to take that very same staff in bringing the plagues, the Torah is teaching us that the Source of the big miracles, Hashem, is also the Source of the ‘small’ miracles. There are big and small miracles happening all the time around us, but we don’t always recognise them. E.g waking up in morning, sun coming out etc.

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