Pharoh’s freewill and the different types of repentance

Q: We see many times throughout the plagues that Hashem ‘hardened Pharo’s heart’, seemingly denying Pharoh the ability to repent and to let the people go! Did Pharoh not have freewill! A: The Chafetz Chayim explains that there are 2 types of repentance:

a) Repentance that Hashem does for us.…

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Recognising Miracles

‘…you shall stand opposite him at the river’s bank, and the staff that was turned into a snake you shall take in your hand’ (Shemot 7:15).

Q: why did Hashem have to specify that Moshe should take the staff ‘that was turned into a snake’! Obviously!, he only had 1…

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Run to do a mitzvah!

There's a lot going on in Parashas Va'eira. We learn about the first seven plagues, and next week, the last three. Each plague on its own is another dvar Torah. The Jews are being overly oppressed with hard work physically, emotionally, and mentally. It's hard to comprehend, but when Hashem…

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Parshas Va’eira describes in great detail the first seven of the ten plagues that brought Mitzrayim to its knees. A major feature of the Plagues is the behavior of Pharaoh in reaction to the destruction of his nation. When Moshe Rabbeinu and Aaron bring about the first plague of blood,…

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Toilet Humour From G-d

There's a comment that Rashi makes in this week's parsha, that when I first read it, left me speechless. And I'm not often speechless :)

In this week's parsha, Vaera, we see the first 7 of the ten plagues: 1) Nile turns to blood 2) Frogs infest Egypt 3) Lice 4)…

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