One of the clothes of the kohen gadol mentioned in our sedra is the me’il (28:4). The gemarra (Erchin 16a) tells us that the me’il atones for lashon hara, for ‘HaShem declared ‘let the thing which emits noise (referring to the me’il, which had bells on it) come and atone for an action of noise (referring to the speech of lashon hara).’’ The Chofetz Chaim explains this via the fact that the me’il was the colour techeiles. As the gemarra (Menachos 43b) highlights, the colour techeiles is supposed to remind us of the sea, which, in turn reflects the sky, which is similar to the colour of the kisei hakavod (‘HaShem’s Throne’). Therefore, the gemarra is telling us that the colour of the me’il reminds us of the kisei hakavod, which will make us shut our mouths and not speak lashon hara, due to the Heavenly judgment that we are wary of. Indeed, frighteningly, the Tanna DeBei Eliyahu writes that lashon hara goes straight up to (be heard by) the kisei hakavod. Moreover, the sound of the me’il is a positive sound - it is for the glory of HaShem (like all the priestly garments), and this using of sound in a positive fashion has the effect of atoning for the negative sounds made when one speaks lashon hara.

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