Right, why is parshas tetzaveh - all about the annointing of the new-found kohannim - unique? Answers please on a stamped address envelope to Blue Peter...we will pg send you both a badge if you get the answer correct! Anyway, bar the immaturity, the first Ba'al Haturim on the sedra points out that tetzaveh is the only parsha from moshe's birth to his death (obviously excluding chumash devarim, which is Moshe spaeking in 1st person to Bnei Yisrael) where his name is not mentioned in the sedra.

But there is something very interesting that results. One would expect that a sedra without Moshe's name in it would be devoid consequently of Moshe's presence/influence on the events. But exactly the opposite is true; Moshe's presence is never more noticeable. What is the proof? We will start from nistar in true purim sprit and finish with the nigleh/blantantly onvious!...

First, there are 101 pesukim in this week's parsha. The Vilna Gaon points out that this is the gematria nistar of the name Moshe. [Gematria nistar means the following: Moshe is Mem Shin Heh You simply spell out those 3 letters how they would sond phonetically; Mem = Mem mem, Shin = Shin Yud Nun, and Heh = Heh Aleph. Now the gematria of those letters apart from the first letters Mem, Shin, and Heh, equal 101. This is called the 'hidden gematria' for obvious reasons.] This mirrors something Rav Aviner points out in the pesach hagadda; HaShem says 'I took you out of Egypt' and the haggadah comments 'I and not a Malach, I and not a Seraph...I and not Hashaliach.' Here too, if one puts together the first 3 letters of Malach, Seraph, and Hashaliach, one gets Moshe.

But the most convincing proof of Moshe's undeniable presence (note the way 'convincing' became 'undeniable' in the space of just 4 words. A lawyer would be proud!) is the continuous use of the word 'veata' in the parasha directly referring to Moshe (the first word of the sedra, 28;1, 28;3, etc). And moreover, Moshe is the one who is going to annoint the Kohannim (incl. washing, clothes, korbannos, etc). Thus, Moshe puts everything into action behind the scenes so to speak.

Sometimes it's intersting, even ironic, that someone not at all in the limelight and passive can cause the most influence. (Modern examples of the concept might be Indian independence leadership). But i want to explain why at least here this is true.

That 1st baal haturim says the reason for Moshe's exclusion this week; because of his request (shemos 32;32) upon the sin of the golden calf to 'rub me out of Your book' (sefer torah acc to Rashi). [And 2 psukim later in 32;34 HaShem tells Moshe that my angel - "Malachi" - will go in front of Bnei Yisrael. Malachi, the bal haturim points out there, also has the gematria of 101!]. Now Moshe was the greatest leader precisely because he was the most modest person. This is the same contradiciton; a great and powerful leader because of modesty!?! Yes, it is true in Jewish thought.

The Maharal explains (start of Nisevas Olam) that the Torah is 'sichliyus' ie non-physical. Thus, the best way to connect with it is to make oneself complementarily spiritual and devoid of physical constraints. [The point is not abstenance from the physical world; it means using it for spiritual pursuits]. Thus, a modest person is best-equipped to receive Torah at its greatest expression. (see gemorroa taanis 7a; Torah is compared to water because just as water flows from high to low ground, so does Torah flow to someone who has lowered himself with modesty. Modesty does not mean denying talents - it means connecting them back to their source - another discussion!). As the Ramban advises his son in the iggeres haramban "therefore lower yourself and HaShem will lift you up." This is precisely how in our sedra Moshe can on the face of it so 'non-existant' but in reality the cause of everything. This is also the message of Purim - that thought it will not always seem HaShem is behind the scenes in our post-Beis Hamikdash days of muffled Divine expression, He is! Remember, HaShem's name is not mentioned in the megilla either but He fashions all the events that took place.

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