Parshas Tetzaveh is the only sedra from Moshe's birth until his death without Moshe's name in it [apart from chumash devarim, of course, when Moshe is talking.] The Ba'al HaTurim says it is because Moshe asked to be erased from the sefer Torah ('mecheini na misifrecha') , and HaShem granted his request for parshas tetzaveh. But why parshas tetzaveh especially?

Heard from R' Frand... R' Ovadia Yosef says that Moshe hinted 'Misefrecha' (= from sefer 20) and the 20th sedra is tetzaveh. But still, why did Moshe select tetzaveh for his name not to feature? Because Moshe was offered to be the kohen gadol, but he turned it down so that his brother Aharan would be the kohen gadol. And since the sedra is about the kohen gadol and his clothes, Moshe wanted his name not to be mentioned so that he would 'not steal the limelight from his brother Aharon' whatsoever. When we see others succeeding we have a tendency to say 'i could have been there' or 'he only did it because of me.' Let's learn from Moshe and be happy for others to have the glory and keep quiet.

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