When describing the clothing of the Kohen Gadol the Torah uses the term "Maase Choshev" only by the Choshen and Eifod. Unkelos translates this to mean "Expert Work". Why does the Torah say this only by these two garments?

The Kli Yakar says that the word Choshev comes from the word "Machshava", to think. Each one of the garments is Michaper on a different aveira. The Eifod and Choshen were Michaper on aveiros that you commit just by thinking alone. The Eifod is Michaper on Avodah Zara which is the only aveira that thinking about doing it is considered as if you actually did it.

The Choshen is Michaper on Dayanim, judges that corrupt the Din. Since a judge must ultimately pasken based on his own interpretation of the facts, only Hashem knows if he judged fairly in his heart. That is why the Choshen is placed on the heart, since the aveira depends on the earnestness of the judge's heart. This also explains the Gemara in Sanhedrin 7b that says that corrupt judgment is equal to Avodah Zara, since they are both aveiros that are committed with an evil heart.

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