The possuk states "they Shall take for you pure olive oil, Pressed for the Light"

R'Moshe Leib M'Sassov says theat the verse means somthing a little deeper... "Vyikchu eilecha shemen zayis" when an individual desires to learn Torah, which ChaZaL compare to an olive, then "Kosis" he must first press or Crush His Yetzer Horo. Only by doing so will he reach the level of Lamo'or, the level at which he is capable of truly comprehending Torah which is often compared to light!!

The Maggid of Mezirich, R'Dov Ber says that Kosis means the extent a jew troubles himself by travelling to a proper place to sit and learn (as ChaZaL say "Exile yourself to a place of Torah Study") he will purify himself from all of his flaws until he is pure (zach) as olive oil. Then he will eventually reach the lofty level where the Torah illuminates him at every moment. ("lha'alos ner tomid")

Good Shabbos!!

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