How does the me'il atone for lashon hara?

One of the clothes of the kohen gadol mentioned in our sedra is the me’il (28:4). The gemarra (Erchin 16a) tells us that the me’il atones for lashon hara, for ‘HaShem declared ‘let the thing which emits noise (referring to the me’il, which had bells on it) come and atone…

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You, yes you!

The first words in our sedra are instructions from HaShem to Moshe ‘and you, command Bnei Yisrael…’ But Moshe has been conveying instructions regarding the Mishkan construction thus far anyway - so why does HaShem need to repeat ‘you, command the Bnei Yisrael?’ The Rashbam writes that this portion is…

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Who will build the 3rd beis hamikdash?

After having decided that I had nothing intelligent to say about Purim (not that that has stopped me in the past!), I decided that we shall embark on a thrilling three-part series, starting this week. The subject? The third beis hamikdash. This week focuses on who will build the third…

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The Frank Sinatra of Mitzvos!!!! Haftorah Tetzaveh

The "Frank Sinatra" mitzvah is the one that you say, "I'll do it my way". It is of the utmost importance for every person to follow Torah's directions exactly.

King Shaul was a great man, however he did not complete Hashem's request to kill off Amalek completely. Look at what…

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Isn’t something missing?

There are three main ideas that seem to be present on the macro level in Parshat Tetzaveh – the clothes of the Kohen Gadol, the korbonos (sacrifices), and the fact that Moses is not mentioned by name. There’s an expression that rings true in Jewish thought – clothes make the…

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The Nes of the Ner Maarvi

The candles of the Menorah were filled with oil to last through the night. The Ner Maaravi miraculously lasted all day until the next night. Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz asks, if so why did they bother filling it with enough oil for the night if a few hours later it would…

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