There is a concept that a language reflects the character of the people who speak it. Thus, Rome are called an 'unsatisfactory kingdom,' for they have no language of their own; it was borrowed from other nations(Gittin 80a). This is why in arctic social circles, there are many words for different types of snow - since snow is an important part of their society. And in the (capitalist) west we have few words for shades of red but many different words for varieties of blue (navy, light, dark, royal, etc). And in the (communist) east they have many words for red but few for blue.

In Hebrew, we have many words of things which are given; 'Terumah' & 'nedava' mean a donation, and 'doron' & 'mattanah' mean a gift/present. The idea is that giving is a thing aimed to be treasured by our Jewish society, and thus we have many words for giving.

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