Terumah: Concern for Others : short vort

וְצִפִּיתָ אֹתוֹ זָהָב טָהוֹר מִבַּיִת וּמִחוּץ תְּצַפֶּנּוּ

And you shall cover it with pure gold on the inside and on the outside you shall cover it (25:11)


The Gemora tells us that Betzalel make three Arks, a golden Ark for the outside, another golden Ark for the inside, and…

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Why does the Torah tell us that the mishkan is to be “one” (Ex. 26:6)?

Ibn Ezra gives a philosophical answer. Just as the tabernacle needs every one of its sections and parts or else it will be deficient, so is God’s world “one”. Every one of the Divine creations,…

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G-d Wants Your Feathers


"This is the portion that you shall take from them ("meiTom"---in Hebrew): gold, silver, and copper." (25:3)

Moses is commanded to take from the Israelites materials to be used for the building of the Tabernacle. A question can be asked: Why does the verse 25:3 say "take from…

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apikursus !!

 It is known that every character trait can be used for the service of Hashem, but how can the triat of apikursus (denying Hashem) possibly be used for His service?

Even apikursus can be used in an instance where someone is asking for money for a tzedaka purpose, for it…

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Terumah; give and take

Parshas Terumah; Give and Take

It might have occured that you ask a favour from a friend and describe exactly the way you want it to be done; at such and such a time of day, using such and such things, involving so and so, etc. In fact, you describe…

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The beauty of Parshas Teruma

I have a confession to make. This week I was going through the parsha and I was bored. I found myself reading quickly without really paying attention. There were lots of details about the construction of the Mishkan and the objects found inside. This beam has to be exactly this…

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Giving and taking

In the opening verses of Parshat Terumah the Jewish people are asked to donate willfully to the Mishkan. Q. If the Jewish people are asked to GIVE a donation, why does the verse (25,2) say 'TAKE for me a donation' rather than 'GIVE me a donation'? A1. Rav Moshe Feinstein…

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