An opening line is always very important. So when HaShem tells Moshe that the first thing he should tell Pharoah is 'bni bechori yisrael' (4;22); that we are HaShem's firstborns, that must be of major sigificance. What does it mean to all be firstborns? The Maharal explains that just like any given family has only one firstborn, so too is each and every Jew like a firstborn and only child from HaShem's Perspective. Everyone is important and every person has their role to play and their own chelek in Torah to bring out into the world...

'Bishvili nivra ha'olam' - for me the world was created. Or, as it has been said, 'shvil' means a path. Thus, the sentence reads 'the world was created for my path;' for everyone is massively important and has a different personal path and power.

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