There's a classic question regarding the 10 plagues, and though the subject is deep, we can approach the roots... (the issue is found in Rambam hil. teshuva 6;5) HaShem promised Avraham avinu that a nation (meaning Egypt) would enslave Bnei Yisrael. Thus, the Egyptains had no freewill; they HAD to enslave us. So how could HaShem punish them with the 10 plagues? The Rambam answers that though the nation as a whole were bound by HaShem's promise to Avraham, each individual Egyptian had the choice whether to be a part of the enslaving or not...

The Raavid objects and answers that 1) the Egyptians deserved the punishments for the other acts they had committed anyway, and 2) HaShem only promised that the Egyptians would enslave us; they went further though and gave us back-breaking tortuous slavery.

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