The Rama paskens that a child should not nurse from an Egyptian woman (or any other non jewish woman), since it brings to Timtum HaLev (Stuffing up the Jewish heart) and bad tendencies (Teva Ra).

The Biur HaGra states, the origin for this Halacha is in Parshas Shmos; where Moshe did not want to nurse from an Egyptian woman when Bisyah the daughter of Pharaoh found him at the banks of the Nile.

Rashi tells us

, the reason why Moshe did not want to nurse from an Egyptian woman was because his mouth was "Peh SheAsid LiDaber Im HaShchinah" - "A mouth which was destined to speak to Hashem." It was therefore not befitting for such a mouth to nurse from a Gentile. R' Yaakov Kaminetsky asks, if the whole reason is because of "Peh SheAsid LiDaber Im HaShchinah", why is this a practical Halacha that is brought down in Shulchan Aruch? Are we going to speak to Hashem?

R' Yaakov answers, the Torah is teaching us one of the fundamentals of Chinuch. Every parent must look at his child as if he could one day be the one who will speak directly to Hashem. If one lowers the bar, his child doesn't stand a chance in this world.

However, if the mindset of a parent is set for such lofty goals ("Peh SheAsid LiDaber Im HaShchinah"), then their child can and will achieve greatness!



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