What Do Paper Towels Have to do with Prophecy?


Insights from B'Karei Shmo based on the discourses of  HaRav Refael Shmuel Berenbaum zt"l, the Mirrer Rosh Yeshivah

  Parshas Shemos: What Do Paper Towels Have to do with Prophecy?

   The Torah (Shemos 3:1-2) juxtaposes Moshe's shepherding of Yisro's flock and his prophetic vision of the burning bush,…

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hit for six

I see a(nother) head! The Midrash Rabbah (1:8) says that in Egypt the Bnei Yisrael gave birth to six babies at once (don’t worry - angels came and looked after the kids throughout their youth until their teenage years - so it was not a constant nappy-changing affair).

Now where…

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My son...the shepherd

My son…the shepherd It seems rather interesting that so many prophets (and leaders) of the Jewish People were shepherds. See, we weren’t always doctors and lawyers. Avraham seemed to dabble in shepherding, Yitzchak was a shepherd, and Yaakov chose this line of work too. Moreover, later on in history, David…

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Shemos - My little Tzaddikel!

In this weeks Sedra, Moshe is found in a basket by Basya. Miriam who is standing nearby asks Basya if she should go and get a Jewish wet nurse for the baby. Rashi[1] brings down the Medresh, that first Basya attempted to feed Moshe from Egyptian wet nurses, but Moshe…

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Resisting negative influences

1:1 ‘veeleh shemot bnei yisrael habaim mitzryaima et yaakov ish uveto bau’…sons Q: ‘et yaakov’, why does the Torah precede the list of Yaakov’s sons that came with the words ‘et yaakov’?

A: The Chafetz Chayim explained that really Yaakov’s sons did not want to leave Eretz Yisrael and enter…

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Where logic ends

After a long history of tranquillity in Egypt, the Jewish people there begin to feel that they are not wanted. Pharaoh starts issuing decrees against the Jews; and we end up in slavery for over two hundred years. In his first call on the ‘Jewish problem’ to the Egyptian people,…

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Brave Nurses & The Journal of Life

This week we start reading a new book of the Torah: Shmot (Exodus).

At the end of last week's parsha, Yaakov (Jacob) our forefather dies, and now suddenly the entire Jewish people are in Egypt and a new king takes the throne in Egypt, and he does not know Joseph.…

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