“Vaseichel kol avodas mishkan ohel mo’ed – Thus was completed all the work of the Tabernacle of the Tent of Meeting.” Most traditional Meforshim explain the grammatical derivation of the unique term “vaseichel,” which appears only once in the Tanach. But the Ba’al HaTurim makes no attempt to explain the structure of the term. He is more interested in the stucture of the universe. Realizing that the term is etymologically related to the term “vayechulu,” which describes the end of God’s creation of the world, Ba'al HaTurim writes: “It can be said that now the task of creating the world has been completed.” We have to ask why would the Baal Haturim say this?? why only now has creation finished??? Did it not finish with the creation of man?? maybe with yetzias Mitrayim?? or maybe with the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai?? The Mishkon was the work of man, unlike the other situations above which were all Nisim and the work of Hashem! It was this that the Baal Haturim said was the finishing touches, the icing on the cake of Hashem creating the world! This teaches us a vital lesson! When we want something we have to put our hard work into it we can't just rely on Hashem!! There is a famous joke about a guy davening in shul "Hashem please make me win the lottery" he checked the numbers that week and he didnt win, again he davened to Hashem "Hashem please make me win the lottery" again that motzei shabbos he went home to check the numbers and behold he hadn't won!! This goes on for a few weeks and eventually he sees that his prayers just arent being answered!! He davens with the most kavona he ever had and asks "Hashem why did you not answer my prayer why did i not win the lottery??" Hashem answers back "You should have bought a ticket!!" Even though it is a joke it teaches us this lesson that wihtout our hishtadlus our own efforts we are nothing Hashem won't just create a world for us unless we make the effort to make the world for ourselves!! We built the mishkon and therefore Creation was complete!!

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