A1: (Based on Rav Leibtag) - We have to learn from the experience we just had, learn from slavery and learn to treat slaves with compassion and respect, because the key thing is to learn from our experiences and to become better people because of them. A2: Another possible answer could be the following: Glue sets after a short period of time, after a short while, it will be stuck forever. So too, the experience of being slaves to the oppressing Egyptians had the potential to remain in the spine of the Jewish people, it had the potential to cause a permanent wound in the Jewish people and to prevent them from ever being able to treat

slaves with compassion, and it had the potential to give us an everlasting bad opinion of masters of slaves. Consequently, the Jewish people needed to hear these laws straight away, immediately after the experience, whilst the glue was still wet, in order to allow the Jewish people not to be scared for life.

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