The possuk states "V'Eileh hamishpotim asher tosim lifneihem" (These are the laws that you shall present before them) 21:1

The Ba'al Haturim says that this verse alludes to a 5 point instruction as to how a judge should conduct himself when in court!

The Ba'al Haturim uses the first letter of each word in the above possuk as follows:

V'eileh (Vov,Aleph,Lamed,Hey)- V'chayav Adom Lachkor Hadin (a man is required to investigate the case

Hamishpotim (Hey,Mem,Shin,Pey,Tes,yud,Mem)- Hadayan Metzuveh Sheya'aseh Pe'sharah Terem Ya'aseh Mishpot (the judge is obligated to find a middle ground before imposing a ruling)

Asher (aleph,Shin,Reish)- Im Shneihem Rotzim (if both (parties) are willing (to compromise))

Tosim (sof,shin,yud,Mem)- Tishma Shneihem Yachad Medabrim (Listen to both (parties) together speak)

Lifneihem (Lamed,Pey,nun,Yud,Hey,Mem)- Lo Pnei Nadiv Yehader Hisnaker Meihem (Do not show favour to the wealthy man, Keep away from them!)

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