Proper hearing

The Sefer Chareidim reveals a new level of depth to Bnei Yisrael’s na’aseh ve’nishma commitment to accept the Torah. He writes that a real hearing is when one acts on what one has heard - that way the information received becomes expressed by you as opposed to just being ‘a…

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Who you are and What you do - long dvar torah

Our sedra contains a mixture of bein adam lechaveiro mitzvos, and bein adam lemakom mitzvos (i.e. mitzvos which involve interpersonal relationships, and mitzvos which involve our relationship with HaShem, respectively). For example, the laws of how to treat slaves, the laws of damages, and theft are centred around the bein…

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"Kiyemu Ve-kiblu"- The Two-Story Home

I heard the following vort from Rav Ari Cutler:

'If' you will build an altar of stones... (Shemot 20:22) 'If' you will lend money to the poor... (Shemot 22: 24) 'If' you will bring the korban bikkurim...(Vayikra 2:14)

Rav Yishmael states that in these three verses in the Torah, the…

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Why does Judaism have so many detailed laws?

I heard all of the following from Timmy Dempsey: We are G-d’s representatives on earth, we have to be immaculate, we have to strive to be perfect, because we have to be sanctifying Hashem’s name in the world. Perfection is achieved only through perfect detail. Judaism needs the details. E.g.…

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'An eye for an eye'!

Ayin Tachat Ayin = 'an eye instead of/underneath an eye' Q: How do we know that it’s talking about monetary damages? Answer: That’s in the mesorah. It was told to Moshe at Har Sinai, as part of the Oral Torah.

But, there are also a few hints in the wording:…

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