The posuk says "Ki Lo Sishtachaveh L'Kel Acher" (34:14); do not bow to a foreign god. The letter Reish in the word Acher is big. Chazal say since the Dalet and Reish look similar, the torah made the Reish big so that you don't confuse it with a Dalet and read it "Echad", do not bow to the Single G-d, meaning Hashem chas v'shalom. In the Pasuk of Shema Yisroel the Echad has a big Dalet

at the end so you don't read it as a Reish and say "Hashem acher" that there are other gods. Rav Meir Shapiro of Lublin says that this is the meaning of Rashi.

The Pasuk says that Hashem told Moshe after Cheit HaEigel, "Lech Raid";

Go down. Rashi adds the word "MiGdulasecha" go down from you bigness. Rav Shapiro explains that the word Raid, is spelled Reish Dalet. These are the two letters which were written big in the Torah to teach us not to worship other gods.

Therefore the Torah says "Lech Raid" Go down, letters Reish and Dalet and Rashi adds "from your bigness" since making these letters big didn't help in the earlier mentioned instances, after all Bnei Yisroel worshipped Avodah Zara.

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