Bar Mitzvah

Why does a boy become Bar Mitzva at thirteen years old?

On the posukThe wise man has his eyes on his head”[1] one can ask an obvious question, is it just the wise man who has eyes on his head? Everyone has eyes on their head, even animals! To understand the meaning behind this cryptic posuk the Zoharexplains that a man is…

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The first Mitzvah a BarMitzvah boy has to Perform


'Why does the Mishnah choose the reading of Sh’ma at night to be the very first halacha to be discussed in Shas?'
Tosafos (Shabbos 2a) notes that many masechtos (tractates) are arranged according to the order in which the events of a particular day occur. For example,…

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Barmitzvah: Why all the Fuss?

What is the big party for a barmitzvah boy? Though he has become obligated in mitzvos, he has not done many yet - why do we give him a party at the start of the journey?

Let's answer with an important concept, via some questions... We have a halacha that…

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Bar Mitzva Drosha : D'as

Rabbi Gershenfeld of Machon Shlomo explains that a boy reaching Bar Mitzva (girl reaching Bas Mitzva) acquires D'as - the ability to overcome a natural emotion (the ‘Regesh*’) by focussing on a wider perspective.

For example, overcoming the feeling of depression by focussing on one’s positive attributes. Using the example…

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Barmitzvah; why now?

We make a meal and celebration when a boy reaches thirteen, honouring the fact that he has become of age to be obligated in mitzvos.

The question, however, is why are we making a celebration now - if it’s mitzvos that we are honouring then surely the best time to…

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Bat Mitzvah in halacha; a good idea?

We all celebrate bar mitzvahs - the source of which is Rav Yosef’s festive seudah in the gemarra Kiddushin 31a when he found out that he was fully obligated in mitzvos. However, what about a bat mitzvah? Does this source apply to bat mitzvahs too? is there any reason to…

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