BO "And they (Israelites) emptied Egypt." (12:36)

The Israelites were commanded by G-d to request treasures from the Egyptians so that could leave Egypt with wealth as promised to Abraham. Our Sages confirmed that the treasures that washed up on shore when the Egyptians drowned in the sea was far greater than when they emptied out Egypt.(refer to Rashi Exodus 15:22)The question arises, however:If the Israelites emptied Egypt of all its treasure, from where did the Egptians obtain that which washed up on shore? I would like to propose an original answer, Bezrat Hashem, as follows: There were 2 types of treasures found in Egypt, one known in the open and one hidden. When the Israelites left Egypt, they requested the treasure that was out in the open. However, when the Egyptians pursued the Israelites they took with them their hidden treasures as a show of confidence.It seems that their hidden treasures were greater than their outward treasures.This is readily obvious based on Taanis 8b:"Blessing is not to be found in anything......

........but only in a thing hidden from sight." The Egyptian's hidden treasures were in greater quantity than their outward treasures since the "power of blessing"is found only in that which is out of sight. There is a tremendous lesson to be learned from this insight. Many people desire to know how to be successful, and are willing to travel the world to find the answer. Yet, the Torah tells us that its found in being modest. If a man is successful in business, does he need to flaunt his good fortune for all to see? Does he really need the biggest house, the fastest car, and Italian suits to prove to the world that he has value? Must he rub it in everybodys face?Perhapes keeping it hidden is the best way to preserve it. Modesty is a Torah true virtue.

Have a good Shabbos.

This Torah thought is being dedicated to my beloved father ,NACHMAN SHIMON ben YEHUDA MEIR HAKOHAN, Z"L.

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