The 3rd to last plague of locusts confirming the 3rd of the 10 utterances of Creation: dividing between the water of heaven and earth – corresponding to the 3rd Kabbalistic sefira Da’at or Da’as – without which, says the Talmud, there can be no distinction, discernment, separation, contrast, understanding – hence the prayer of Havdalah’s insertion into the blessing of Da’at. But Da’at also means deep attachment – to know to the extent that you have bonded with it – separation and attachment – one facilitates the other. By truly detaching one can truly then attach; stepping back - in the modern day vernacular, “absence makes the heart grow fond”. This is Shabbat

– complete detachment from the world – rendering it absent – to perpetuate true attachment to it’s real beauty through prayer and unity. Wishing you and yours a restful Shabbos!

Rabbi Shimshon Silkin

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