Hashem tells Moshe "Bo El Pharoh" which translates as "Come to Pharoh". Shouldn't he have said "Go to Pharoh"?

This teaches us an important lesson. Wherever we are and whatever we face we should never feel like we need Hashem to come with us. That is because the place that we are going no matter how vacant it seems or how far removed it appears from Hashem's presence, nevertheless he is already there. In good times and bad. Both in school, at home and in shul, Hashem is there, waiting. Even in your boss's office. Wherever you are and wherever you go the Shechina is there. You know the song... "Hashem is here Hashem is there Hashem is truly everywhere.....".

Even in the lowest place of all, the palace of King Paroh, Hashem says to Moshe, "Come to Pharoh's palace." I'll be there for you!!

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