The Torah reveals that before HaShem split the sea, He sent a very powerful wind (14:21). Why? The Ramban writes that this wind was to fool the Egyptians into thinking that it was the wind that was splitting the sea, and not HaShem, so that the Egyptians would run into the sea after the Jewish People and meet their end.

Now think about this from the Egyptian perspective here. They had experienced ten earth-shattering plagues not so long ago (!), all of which had been predicted and had been clearly from HaShem, with the aim of taking His People

out of Egypt. Why would HaShe not split the sea for His People too; why on earth would the Egyptians believe that the wind split the sea?

After all, since when can wind split the sea down the middle (and certainly not into 12 lanes!). But that is the power of imagination and fantasy; the Egyptians WANTED to believe that it was not HaShem Who had split the sea, because they WANTED to believe that they could get the Jewish People back as slaves. Because they wanted to believe this, they turned reality on its head and subjectively fooled themselves into believing an impossibility; that the wind split the sea, not HaShem.

That's the power of dellusion. 'Do not go after your desires' - look at things objectively and you will see a clear picture of reality.


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