Whilst the children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt, throughout their struggle, they continued to pray to Hashem for help. However when Hashem brought them out of Egypt; when they should be praying to Hashem the most, for thanks, they stopped and felt no need to pray when there was no struggle. Then they were faced with the red sea, with the Egyptans closing in behind them, and wild animals to the side of them, and had to leap into the sea... suddenly the Jewish nation began to pray to Hashem, for help and support during this time... similar to the children of Israel we too are guilty of 'using Hashem'. When the going gets tough, we pray to Hashem, to help us through, and when He does come through for us we stop praying until the next time we need support. We must remember to pray and thank Hashem always and not just when we need it.

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